February 3, 2020

People don't want to follow your business's social media accounts.

Have you ever wondered why people follow or don't follow some brands/business social media accounts? Some may want to stay updated on any information concerning the brand, while others may be in there for entertainment. Interestingly, some people follow some brand accounts primarily to learn. Other than that, some may follow a page get offer/coupon information, whereas some are just loyal to their brands.

Below are some of the main reasons why people will follow (or not follow) your business' social media account:

A Solid Presence in Social Media

Brands with a solid presence in social media tend to win more fans (subscribers). If someone influential uses and endorses the brand, their followers tend to follow the brand page on social media. Interestingly, some fans wish to live the lifestyle of their favorite politicians, actors, musicians, or even athletes. As a result, they may be attracted to a brand simply because their icon embraces it. Eventually, they will subscribe to such pages and follow their posts, liking, sharing, and commenting. If a "nobody" endorses your brand, he or she is likely to drive little or no traffic to your page.

Brand Loyalty

Social media is the best platform for one who seeks updates from their favorite brands. You may have tested, used, and loved a product or service that you would like to be associated with it. A product or service can be exceptional in various ways that keep you purchasing it repeatedly. As a result, you may want to stay updated with the upgrades. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get such updates is via their social media accounts. If your brand sucks, very few people will bother searching it up on social media.

To Get Further Information About the Brand

Some people follow brands on social media typically to learn more about them and compare them with others. When a friend recommends a new product to you, you may want to know much about it before buying it. You may follow the brand's social media page and scan through the posts and comments before deciding. Comments may give you general feedback from the consumers.

Educational Purposes

Some people will follow a lot of brands on social media to learn some interesting things about various products and services.

Some social media pages offer useful DIY relating to the products or services they offer. Even if you are not interested in buying their products, these pages can enlighten you on how to use similar products. Not everyone who likes your social media page buys your stuff!

Networking Purposes

However, others will strictly follow the brands in which they are interested or with which they are associated. Such social media pages are good networking platforms as like-minded people meet online to discuss their topics of interest.

Therefore, some people are on your social media page to build professional relationships with others and even your brand personnel.


Some people will follow your business' social media account because your brand heavily invests in entertaining ads. They may be through 3D animation TV ads or exciting social media posts or memes. Even though such an approach may attract some clients to buying your products or services, some are there for fun.

The Bottom Line

No matter how good or bad your product or service is, you can get lower or higher social media fans than expected. People follow (don't follow) your brand's social media account for various reasons. Some are there to network, follow their icons, get entertained, or learn something new. Therefore, if you want to increase your social media presence, you should hire the right people to deliver the most appropriate content.

Indeed, people do not follow businesses—they follow people. Hence, this is the way you need to curate your social media content for your business. For more information or question about building your brand on social media, do not hesitate to talk to us.

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