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A bustling marketing agency in Sanford, North Carolina. The TODAY CREATIVE team works passionately on their mission to help businesses thrive. Their expertise ranges from captivating video production to social media mastery, SEO strategies, and more.

SUPER: TODAY CREATIVE - Where Businesses Are Made Less Boring

TIM, an enthusiastic marketing expert (good looking, of course), addresses the camera.

Welcome to Today Creative! Your one-stop destination for all things marketing. From small businesses to established brands, we've got your back!

Camera cuts to a dazzling video production set.

Video Production: Lights, Camera, Results!

The future of marketing lies in the magic of video. It enriches your content, grabs attention, and ignites brand awareness. Statistics prove that videos can skyrocket your brand recognition by an astounding 54%!

Cut to visuals of businesses engaging with captivating video content.

Don't fall behind! Join the 94% of businesses who have harnessed the power of video. Let us help you create captivating visuals that tell your story in the most attractive, shareable, and consumable way possible.

Switch to a vibrant social media office.

Social Media Management: Like, Share, Prosper!

(Social Media Guy)
In a world with 2.96 billion monthly active Facebook users and a global social media penetration rate of 45%, it's time to leverage this goldmine. Engage with your audience and skyrocket your business growth!

Capture the team managing various social media platforms with finesse.

Managing multiple platforms while growing your business can be a challenge. But fear not! Today Creative is here to save the day. Let us handle your social media management while you focus on conquering the business world.

Cut to an intense brainstorming session.

SEO & Paid Ads: Conquer the Search Engines!

Organic search dominates 94% of all web traffic. Don't let your competitors snatch your spot! We're experts in SEO strategies that propel your business to the top.

Visually depict the team analyzing search engine rankings and optimizing websites.

With Today Creative, we'll take the hard work out of your SEO strategy. Our team knows all the moving parts and will utilize them to achieve the best results. Say goodbye to being buried in the depths of search engines!

Shift to an artistic branding session.

Branding: Make Your Mark, Create Your Legacy!

A strong brand can make or break your business. Unlock the power of brand recognition with something as simple as a signature color, boosting it by a mind-blowing 80%!

Showcase examples of stunning branding materials and vibrant logos.

Creating a strong brand makes you memorable, relatable, and irresistible to your audience. Today Creative will help you stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression.

Move to an engaging conversation with satisfied clients.


SUPER: Spend time on making your business awesome. We'll get the people there.

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