January 3, 2024

The IKEA Effect

Ah, the wobbly bookshelf glow-up! You know that feeling, right? You wrestle with an Allen key and particle board, cursing IKEA's cryptic instructions one minute, and basking in your (almost) straight-lined creation the next. That inexplicable pride? That's the IKEA Effect, folks.

It’s like when you cook a simple pasta dish you would be afraid to show your late grandmother, but it tastes kind of gourmet because YOU made it.

This year we are going to try to tap into this DIY culture a little more when it comes to marketing campaigns. Folks want to save some money. Folks want to build things themselves.

What if we roll out campaigns where our customers get their hands dirty. More product customizations, or diving into interactive, choose-your-own-adventure style promotions. By getting them involved in the creation process, we're not just selling a product, we’re offering an experience they've been a part of crafting.

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