How are you innovating?

Live events.

Live events are our sweet spot. We've built a team of videographers, editors and photographers that not only capture your events but create beautiful content to show off how awesome your event really was.


Capture general event footage, speaker talks, attendee & speaker interviews, time-lapses and other creative shots to properly capture your event.


Capture still photos of the event, speakers and attendees for use on future event marketing and social media. 


This is what sets Today Creative apart from other event video teams. We edit on location, and have methods in place where we can be posting short videos, photos and cool quotes live as the event is going on. We are known to release day recap videos as folks are just walking out of the event for the day. It's pretty incredible to see.


All these photos and videos are awesome for engagement before, during and after events. If you want to optimize what we create and build a strategy for growth, including paid ads, inbound marketing and other growth techniques, then let's talk.

happy friends.

Tim and his team take the time to listen to your needs and then develop creative and innovative ways to engage your audience. He has helped me to create a vibrant and engaging online presence.
ian van heusen art of living well

Ian VanHeusen

Founder – Art Of Living Well
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