February 6, 2020

New business? Here are the first things you should do to get awareness.

When you're starting a new business, it's normal to want to spread awareness about it quickly, and there are a variety of ways to get the word out to customers. That's actually good news because the variety of ways to promote a new business makes it easier for you to build a marketing plan that perfectly fits your company. The best approach is often combining several marketing tactics to achieve a multi-layered approach that effectively reaches potential customers.

Claim Your Digital Real Estate With a Great Website

The internet has changed the way people interact with one another and the way people everywhere do business, so having an online presence is a vital foundation for your marketing efforts. Whether you choose to sell online or simply use the site as a way to spread awareness of your business, it becomes your digital real estate. Make sure it's optimized for search, post fresh content frequently and add an email signup form so you can keep your customers up to date with your business and trends in your field.

Enjoy the Power of the Internet

Along with your website, the internet offers some other powerful ways to tell potential clients about your products or services. These include social media, video and directory listings.

  • Social Media: The popularity of social media creates a huge opportunity for companies to begin a conversation with people who are interested in what you're selling. Sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are all excellent for this approach to social media marketing.
  • Video Content Creation: Video is also emerging as a prime example of a media form that people respond to in a positive way. Video may be added to your website, posted on social media sites or posted on sites that only provide video streaming, like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Directory Listings: Many people go to directory websites when looking for a product or service. It's also often free to list your company with these sites, so it's an economical way to put the word out about your business.

Advertise to Reach Customers

Many of the ways to reach customers and tell them about your business have a long-tail feeling to them because they center around building an online presence. Sometimes, however, going with 'old school' tactics - meaning investing in advertising is the fastest way to reach customers. Advertising can be utilized both online (Facebook Ads, Adwords, etc) or using traditional approaches like radio, TV, direct mailing and newspaper ads.

Plan Events That Intrigue Potential Clients

People love freebies and fun activities, so planning events that speak to the playful side of human nature is a positive way to get visitors to come to your business. In addition to a giveaway featuring only your products, you could also form a strategic alliance with another company or charitable organization. Forming an alliance with an existing organization puts your information in front of that organization's customer base when they also share the information. That way, both organizations benefit from the alliance.

Business owners who use effective marketing strategies and focus their marketing efforts to reach potential buyers where they hang out, whether online or physically, get the best results. Do you want some help spreading the word about your business? Add your information and questions to our contact form if you're ready for professional help with your digital marketing efforts, or call me at (727) 688-5157 to discuss your digital marketing needs.

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