October 8, 2019

How to manage social media content when you really don't have time

Are you struggling to find the time for managing social media content? Obviously, the answer is yes. We all have have this issue as small business owners. It can be tricky to find the time to tackle this 'job' so I wrote are 8 simple tips that will make it a little bit easier!

1. Take Photos And Videos As You Go
Capture the moments as they happen. Upload them when you have time. Use the schedule feature for posts, setting them to go live at a time when it makes sense. Who knows - maybe your audience IS up at midnight when you finally get to it, haha. As a general rule, you want to be posting your content when the time is right for your audience.

2. This one is stupid. But…. Wake Up 10 Minutes Earlier.
Get up and have your morning coffee. Ten minutes is all it is going to take for you to respond to folks who have commented overnight. Be a part of the community. Like and comment on other posts in your community to make sure they know you are there.

3. Hire Someone To Manage Your Account For You.
This one sounds daunting, but if you can find the right people to manage your account for you, it can be a great help. The important thing is finding someone that can match your tone and personality in all your posts! I’m not naming any names, but I know a guy...

4. Don’t Hide Who You Are
Don’t make everything harder than it needs to be, your followers want YOU. Document what you are doing and show your audience. It doesn’t take any more than a couple of minutes to post to your Instagram story or Facebook and give followers and window behind the scenes.

5. Crowdsource (User Generated Content)
Encourage customers to tag something that they think you will like or that they would love to see you post. This will help you to be more involved in the community, and shows that you appreciate the people who follow you. You can repost/share/retweet their posts, keeping your feed fresh, without working to create original content.

6. Reuse old content.
It’s actually a smart move to post a great piece of content multiple times. There’s a great chance some people missed it the first time and all you need to do is re-tool is slightly to make sure this doesn’t look lazy. Don’t forget you can also post the same piece across multiple social networks, only making small changes to fit where it’s going to be posted.

7. Content On The Go
It doesn’t take long to write a tweet and hit send. Remember, not all content needs to be poetry and even reposts count. So, why not use the spare off time you have through the day when you’re grabbing a coffee or chilling at home. Or while you are in the bathroom. C'mon... we all do it.

8. Batch and Schedule
Most folks find it easier to work on one thing at a time, and really focus on creating some good posts during a block of time. If you use a scheduling tool like Later or Hootsuite, you can set down and schedule out a week or more of social media posts in one sitting. This let's you breathe easy for your baseline social posts, and gives you room for more spontaneous posts throughout the week when you have time.

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