February 28, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Tell Your Company Story

For every company in the world, there is a story waiting to be told. There is a spark for an idea, a founder with a dream, dedicated staff members who go above and beyond to ensure the company is a success - and that’s just the beginning. Successful companies become long-running sagas, stories of growth, excitement, and new roads traveled. Tell your story.

Humans love stories; we’re drawn into narratives, compelled by tales of the ups and downs of life. Given the potential in a company’s story, it is somewhat surprising to note that most companies keep their story to themselves. Yes, a brief history of the company’s foundation may be included on the website, and the occasional announcement of a new staff member or product range may be made on social media or the company blog - but these aren’t stories, they’re a highlight reel rather than the full movie.

However, you could choose to do things differently. You could choose to tell your company’s story through your content and social media marketing, establishing the basic history and then releasing new “episodes” that further the plot as your company develops. Here are five compelling reasons all companies should always seek to tell their own story.


#1 - You can control your own message

The story of your company will always be told, whether you want it to be or not. Your customers, your competitors, even news outlets; all of them will be telling their own stories about your company, which can lead to a confused, puzzled general message regarding your company.

By telling your own company’s story, you take full control of the message. If you’re the first to discuss a disappointment, or address an issue your customers may have experienced, then the story can be crafted in a way that allows you to exert order, practice reputation management, and claim control of your own narrative. The same is true of positive developments, allowing you to draw extra attention to significant milestones and exciting news while remaining firmly in command of the overall story.


#2 - You can establish a constant, active brand presence

If your business is not an active online presence, then there is always a risk that your customers could feel that your business is simply not active at all. While most companies seek to address this risk by scheduling their social media marketing efforts, these planned, routine, could-apply-at-any-time messages are not particularly dynamic or interesting, nor are they a true sign of online activity - realistically, most customers know that these messages can be scheduled months in advance if required.

By telling your brand’s continued story, you can be sure that the content you are producing has an element of life to it. News, updates, developments - they all make it clear that your brand is currently thriving, which helps to create a sense of energy around your business as a whole.

Tell Your Story - Today Creative


#3 - You’ll build a reputation for transparency and authenticity

Modern companies are expected to have a personality, a sense of self, that allows them to stand out. There are two ways of achieving this goal: telling the truth, or manufacturing an alternative - and usually more flattering - version.

While it may be tempting to tell nothing but the best of your brand’s story, the lack of authenticity such a choice can create is problematic. Instead, focus on transparency when telling your story, as if you are inviting your customers to take a closer look behind the scenes at what life is really like for you and your employees. There’s no need to take a “warts and all” approach if you’d prefer not to, but do ensure that every single element of your story is truthful and accurate; a real representation of your company, rather than a manufactured reality to which no customer can relate.


#4 - You will have the chance to make the best possible impression

While companies once made a first impression with their shop displays or billboard ads, in 2019, first impressions of a company are primarily formed online. A prospective customer will almost certainly check your company’s website or social media before choosing to buy from you, so it is essential to think about what they will see.

For most customers, what they want to see is something real, a sign of a modern company that offers insight to its customers, intrigues them, and makes them want to learn more - in short, they want to see the latest chapter of your story. A social media page filled with adverts, or dry and limited website copy, won’t excite a customer; but a glimpse into the inner workings of your company will.


#5 - You can generate excitement amongst your customers

When creating content for the purposes of content marketing, it is generally advised to create content that will be helpful to your audience. While this is undeniably vital, and should form a part of your strategy, it is also worth expanding your content marketing remit further.

It’s therefore helpful to think about ways that your content can be entertaining, how it can excite your audience and encourage high engagement levels. Realistically, a customer is far more likely to be entertained by true stories, by funny tales about the day-to-day life of your business, than anything else. Essentially, the goal is to ensure your content to becomes akin to a book that a reader doesn’t want to put down.

It is also worth noting that excitement can help to add value to your customer’s experience by giving them a reason beyond your product or service to stay engaged with your company. Ultimately, telling your company’s story allows you to create a mutually beneficial experience: your customer is able to enjoy and feel excited by the content you produce, while your company benefits from a far greater chance of retaining that customer in the long-term.


In conclusion

In the modern world, companies do not have to appear to be robotic, emotionless, or ruthlessly professional at all times. In fact, modern customers tend to expect more from the companies; the ability to develop a distinct personality and identity has become incredibly important for every business. While you could seek to create an identity from your company after months of research and market testing, the simple truth is that sharing your company’s story is the most natural, authentic route to creating an identity that your customers can embrace.

If you are looking for a partner to help tell the story of your business, contact Today Creative today. Today Creative is a social media management and video production company in Holly Springs, North Carolina.


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